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Middle Son - ANGEL the Series/NCIS - FRMA - General, Het

Middle Son
By Angelfirenze

Disclaimer: Whedon, et al. and Bellasario own everyone. Yes, even Angel's (previously unnamed in this case) father. More's the pity

Summary: Mom told him that if anything happened to her, he and Dad were to go seek out Angelus as fast as they could.

But Dad was dead. And now Mom was dead, too.

Rating: FR18 because life sucks and I like to explore that in lurid detail.

Notes: Sorry for the short chapter and the continuing lack of Connor, at the moment. I needed set-up to spring into action.

Pairings: Tony/Abby versus the 'back' button. *nods*

Timelines: NCIS: post-'Hung Out to Dry'

AtS: post-series with some canon-comic goodness thrown in for fun.

Warning for NCIS regular viewers: Remember that this takes place just after 'Hung Out to Dry'. That is all.

Warning for ANGEL regular viewers: Remember 'Soulless'? Yeah, that one.


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