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Middle Son - ANGEL the Series/NCIS - FRMA - General, Het, Slash

Middle Son
By Angelfirenze

Disclaimer: Whedon, et al. and Bellasario own everyone. Yes, even Angel's (previously unnamed in this case) father. More's the pity.

Summary: "A case I worked last month just became this family's business, sir, and from the looks of the scene, you're a part of it."

Rating: FR18 because life sucks and I like to explore that in lurid detail.

Notes: I noticed I've spelled Kaitlin's name two separate ways and intend to fix that as soon as possible, but for the meantime, it should be made certain that her name is spelled with two 'i''s, not a 'y'.

Pairings: Tony/Abby versus the 'back' button. Also, very slightly implied Angelus/Spike. *nods* Also, it seems I slash Connor, but nothing's come of that yet. Don't be surprised if it happens, though.

Timelines: NCIS: post-'Hung Out to Dry'

AtS: post-series with some canon-comic goodness thrown in for fun.

Warning for NCIS regular viewers: Nothing I can think of.

Warning for ANGEL regular viewers: Remember that flashback scene in 'The Girl in Question'? Well, I'm sure Angelus had to find something to take his aggression and irritation at the Immortal out on someone and who better than Spike?

Notes: Yes, the title -- for those who have no idea -- is directly inspired by the original Fullmetal Alchemist anime's first episode, as is the opening quote, which is the same as said anime.


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