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Middle Son - ANGEL the Series/NCIS - FRMA - General - Multiple Pairings

Middle Son
By Angelfirenze

Disclaimer: Whedon, et al. and Bellasario own everyone. The Decemberists. "The Engine Driver.". Hush, Rough Trade, 2005. Durrell, Gerald. My Family and Other Animals. Bournemouth: Rupert Hart-Davis Ltd., etc., 1956. Constantine. Dir. Francis Lawrence. Warner Bros., 2005.

Summary: He looked back at her. "What the hell did the Senior Partners do to me, Lilah? I've spit in their faces before, they've never gone at me directly. They always go at everyone I happen to give a damn about. Why hurt me now?"

Rating: FR18 because life sucks and I like to explore that in lurid detail.

Notes: I've been listening to The Decemberists, pretty much on repeat, and it's really starting to show.

Pairings: Rather more than implied Abby/Tony. I won't specify anything from Jossverse because we have actual dialogue for all those pesky details. NCIS is just so much more with the allusions. They're cool with everyone. I'd say I'm surprised there aren't more pregnancies, weddings, or civil unions in fanfiction, but I probably just haven't read them.

Furthermore, I am also a Gibbs noromo and don’t see any of the chemistry hailed between Gibbs and either Kate or Abby. I won’t apologize, but I will make offering of the back button if you so choose.

Timelines: NCIS: post-'Hung Out to Dry'.

AtS: post-series with some book and canon-comic goodness thrown in for fun.

Story: A minor note, some inspiration for the villa (wow, I've read a lot of medical material if I write 'villi' first -- anyway...) Angel and Baby!Gibbs lived in comes from My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell, as cited above.

Also, my ideas bug the hell out of me unless I just go with the flow, as has been exhibited thus far. So -- I know that, on the cover of the first season NCIS DVDs, Gibbs' hair is clearly brown. Let's disregard that for the sake of this story.

Warning for NCIS regular viewers: YOUR ANGST IS OVER. HOPEFULLY. Yeah, um. Please feel free to kick my muse in her ovaries. They're ethereal anyway. Here, I'll help: *KICK*

Warning for ANGEL regular viewers: Read above and probably join in. Also, if you don't like exposition and/or discussion about such -- what show have you been watching? Anyway, this chapter's not for you. Lastly, for the whole she-bang, if you remember how you felt during and, especially, at the end of 'Heartthrob', focus on that feeling and bring it forth.


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